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06 NOV

National IngredientsCentre, NIC, is establishing an Industrial PhD programme

The National IngredientsCenter is currently mobilizing the existing partners in NIC as well as the European food and feed industry in an effort to create a European Industrial...

30 OCT

Invitation to conference 'Powder and Particles' January 14

Flow Properties of Powder and Particle Characterization Food, feed and pharmaceutical products very often consist of powder and/or added dry ingredients, e.g., enzymes...

29 OCT

NIC focuses on three areas of research

NICs purpose is to stimulate research and improve conditions for the full spectrum of research disciplines relevant for the ingredients sector. Therefore, NIC has now...

28 OCT

Invitation to meat

Meat & Meat Ingredients - health effects 

27 OCT

Initiative launched to create a European Graduate School of ingredients

With the European Industrial Doctorate Program the Danish National Ingredient Centre, NIC, will contribute to the leverage of the European competitiveness by building...

02 OCT

Research to boost growth in ingredients

The National Ingredient Centre, NIC, will help to create new growth in food ingredients. The NIC has been established by a number of partner companies, universities...

25 SEP

Invitation to Conference on Insects

Invitation to conference on Insects - a new driver in the bioeconomy

02 JUL

PCluster:A semi-automated software for quantifying mold growth and inhibition

Modeling fungal growth has been hampered by the lack of an appropriate and accurate method for quantification of mold growth. A semi-automated software, called ‘PCluster...

23 MAY

Invitation: Muscle Based Food Network invites to thematic event

Muscle Based Food Network invites to thematic event about, 'Tissue changes in meat affecting the meat quality - Causes, detection and prevention', June 17th at Horsens...

26 FEB

Experimental & Behavioral nutrition

Invitation to seminar "Experimental & Behavioral nutrition" - real foods, fake foods or virtual foods?

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21 JUNE 2018