Join InSPIRe

Do you/your company/institution need

•   To solve problems in your food production or related activities
•   To find partners (researchers or industries) for project collaborations, etc.
•   An easier & faster start-up of collaboration projects
•   Focus on solving social challenges and create growth opportunities
•   Increase opportunities for improved funding of research and innovation projects
•   To support a technological push with consumer pull
•   To disseminate results and knowledge – with emphasis especially on innovation
•   Stimulate a project collaboration with a larger entrepreneurial emphasis

You and your company/institution can participate on different levels in inSPIRe.

From receiving a newsletter to active participation in larger and extended collaboration projects.

inSPIRe’s innovation activities draw on the platforms themes and the 16 research and innovation projects

The goal of the innovation activities (workshops, theme meetings, demo projects)

•  Access to relevant research based knowledge

•  To test ideas, models, assessment methods, etc. (proof of concept) in a smaller scale (demo project)
•  Launch new research and innovation projects
•  Create internal and external networks related to inSPIRe’s activities
•  Highlight research and innovation topics and match partners within these
•  Improved productivity and efficiency in companies
21 JUNE 2018