Cheese and butter


Each of the three pillars Production, Process and Product in inSPIRe is supported by an independent internal network.

Production network – contact person Rie Sørensen, DMRI

Process network on PAT technology – under construction

Product network – Molecular functionality  

Contact the inSPIRe secretariat for information about the different networks.  

Members of the networks are typically people working in this field and engaged at the universities, GTS institutes or companies.

Objectives with the networks:
1) Facilitate a forum for exchanging research and innovation knowledge related to the current field. 
2) Communicate and discuss new knowledge and compile ideas for new research.
3) Lead a common platform for relevant input to inSPIRe innovation activities. 4) Visualize inSPIRe and partners in inSPIRe.

Network activities include:

  • Lead and carry out projects in order to identify development and technology needs in the industry
  • Arrange professional seminars, meetings, workshops and conferences. Initiate demo projects between the industry, universities and GTS institutes.
  • Other kinds of knowledge dissemination via e.g. inSPIRe home page or newsletter
  • Initiate new application for research and innovation projects


Henning Høgh Jensen
Head of Division
National Food Institute
+45 40 25 12 22
21 JUNE 2018