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About inSPIRe

InSPIRe is a new open and strategic Public-Private platform for innovation and research and aims to improve the productivity and global competitiveness of the Danish food sector. 

InSPIRe focuses on initiating and coordinating the activities within industry relevant areas where universities, GTS institutes, food companies and industry associations can make a difference by cooperating on research, innovation, education and effective dissemination of results.

InSPIRe focuses on three themes to be developed and expanded: 
/upload/sites/inspire/dot_orange.jpg Process technological development of future food production chains 
/upload/sites/inspire/dot_orange.jpg Application of process analytical technology to optimize quality, energy and water consumption 
/upload/sites/inspire/dot_orange.jpg Improved food quality by controlling molecular functionality.

Customer- and consumer preferences are integrated as a cross-disciplinary activity through all themes, e.g. to identify ethical issues when introducing new technologies and new foods.

The themes have been chosen from prioritized reports from Danish industrial companies and from identified excellent research environments in LMC. 

inSPIRe employs an iterative process with rapid dissemination of knowledge and implementation of research findings in order to create innovation in the participating companies. The companies provide feedback to the research environments and are thus influencing the research and innovation process.

It is the aim of the InSPIRe platform to have established itself as a permanent concept of cooperation, research and development by 2017.


Henning Høgh Jensen
Head of Division
National Food Institute
+45 40 25 12 22
21 JUNE 2018